What if we ask hard questions of our nation, our government, and even of ourselves to spark thought and conversation as we work toward solutions. We urge you to make your voice heard. #WHATIF checking a box could save a life? Register. Speak out. Vote.

"#WHATIF we were taught by example? America, this is your test. Not for a grade. This is for our lives. Your vote is your voice."

- Darian Williams

"Gun violence is the third leading cause of death for American children, and it is the least researched. #WHATIF gun violence was recognized for what it is, a disease?"

- Sofie Whitney

"#WHATIF I could make you understand what it’s like to lose your best friend?"

- Sam Zeif

"#WHATIF instead of funding guns for teachers, we funded our education?"

- Kennedy Rodriguez

"#WHATIF I could say I’ll shoot you a text message or call shotgun without triggering those around me?"

- Diego Pfeiffer

"#WHATIF we start protecting our future leaders?"

- Manuel Oliver

"All of us have been affected by gun violence. We don’t want to be silenced. We can’t let our pain stay in our hearts. Our stories deserve to be told. #WHATIF people listen?"

- Carlitos

"#WHATIF my life was worth more the $1.05? #WHATIF our lives were priceless?"

- Sarah Chadwick

"#WHATIF we never had to worry about dying in a school, a concert, or a church? #WHATIF you helped make a change?"

- Kai Koerber






The Gun Safety Alliance empowers
business leaders to end the
culture of gun terror.