Area 23, Change the Ref, and Great Guns have teamed up to launch a campaign film for ‘Posts Into Letters’, an initiative that transforms social media posts into handwritten letters to petition members of the US Congress to introduce stricter gun control laws.

The initiative was developed in reaction to the outpouring of social media posts in the wake of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

‘Posts Into Letters’ is an online platform that thanks to the end-to-end creative company Imagination International Inc., allows anyone to turn their social media posts into handwritten letters to either print out and mail themselves or be done automatically. The font was developed using the handwriting of Joaquin Oliver – one of 15 students killed during February’s mass shooting. His handwriting was donated by his parents, Manuel and Patricia Oliver, who are co-founders of non-profit organisation Change The Ref.

FCB Health Network’s Area 23 developed the ‘Posts Into Letters’ to harness social media momentum and transform sentiments into action. Great Guns travelled to Parkland to produce the moving online video. Shot by director Chris Neal, the hard-hitting film features Parkland students and family members of the victims, who explain the importance behind the initiative. Fittingly, the film features music written and performed by the Parkland Drama Club in memory of the friends they lost.

According to 96% of Government Officials, Handwritten letters are the most effective way
to influence change.*

*Congressional Management Foundation